Our Training Videos Will Help You Navigate Your 6Storage Software with Ease

To make your user experience easy and unforgettable, 6Storage has curated a comprehensive playlist of 6Storage training videos that you can access at any time on our YouTube channel. Whether you’re a seasoned user or just getting started with our self-storage management software, these tutorials are designed to help you master every aspect of our powerful platform.

This is the first of a series of three blogs that will walk you through each video. Keep reading to take a walk through the first three videos: 6Storage Leads and Sitemaps, 6Storage Automation and Mr. Delivery, and 6Storage Documents. Keep reading to dive deep into each of these three videos.

6Storage Leads and Sitemaps

This tutorial walks you through the essential steps of managing your leads and reservations lists, and it also gives an overview of the sitemap elements. Watch the video above to effortlessly track leads, reservations and ensure you are able to monitor your facility effectively using your sitemap.

6Storage Automation and Mr. Delivery

Unlock the full potential of 6Storage’s self-storage management software with this in-depth training on Automation and Mr. Delivery! Automation is your secret weapon for streamlining operations. Learn how to automate the sending of invoices, late fees, reminder emails, and effortlessly manage past-due tenants. This feature allows you to save time and ensure efficient management.

Mr. Delivery empowers you to take personalized tenant communication to the next level. Discover how to send tailored messages to individual tenants or groups, beyond what’s automated. Strengthen tenant relationships and enhance your service.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to 6Storage’s software, this training video will equip you with the knowledge to supercharge your self-storage business.

6Storage Documents

Unleash your self-storage business’s full potential with 6Storage’s Documents Training tutorial! Discover how to leverage the Documents section of the software, allowing you to customize essential documents like lease agreements, invoices, and notification templates. With over 50 editable notification templates included, you have the flexibility to tailor your business operations to your unique needs.

Fine-tune notification templates, including rental confirmations, default notices, late fee notices, lead and reservation follow-ups, and more. Empower your business by making these documents your own! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to our software, this training video will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Want to Learn More?

These are just the first three videos in a nine video series. Stay tuned for more blogs about these videos that will help you master every aspect of 6Storage’s powerful platform.

You can find more videos on 6Storage’s YouTube channel – be sure to subscribe to get notified when a video is uploaded! If you don’t have 6Storage’s software yet, schedule your live demo today.

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