Our Story

We believe storage owners deserve the same freedom and peace of mind they give their tenants. Simple, secure, software solutions are the key. Our mission is to give storage facility operators a quality product at a competitive price with white-glove customer service. 

6Storage was created in 2007 by a self storage owner looking for solutions for his own business. The available facility management software options were expensive and didn’t meet his business needs. 6Storage quickly grew to facilitate the storage management of 2400+ units in 6 locations across Iceland, and soon evolved to help simplify operations for self storage businesses in 30+ countries.

Halli at his facility in Iceland

Hallgrimur- Founder

Being a storage owner, Hallgrimur understood the challenges of self storage operators. After founding 6Storage for his own facilities, his team gave 6Storage the most affordable price tag and released it to the global storage industry. During the initial years, we took insights from our best US customers and customized the software with more features and enhancements. This gave us an edge among other US self storage software companies. 6Storage had a 158% growth in business within the first year and became popular in the US market.

Ronald at his facility in Italy

Ronald- Consultant & 6Security Head of Operations

In 2018, Ronald partnered with Hallgrimur and built a chain of self storage facilities in Italy. Ronald acted as consultant and suggested many great features we implemented in 6Storage to aid the European market. Some customers requested features like XML invoicing and fiscal year reset, which helped us tailor our application to the European market as well. In time, we added email/SMS integrations for auto reminders, and integrated with some major global payment gateways so global users can make online payments with nominal transactional fees.

Halli and Mastan enjoying the winter

Mastan- Co-Founder & Product Lead

Mastan believes in “Lean Product Development” and manages our small team of development and support experts in India. They have earned 6Storage the reputation of “Friendliest 24/7 Customer Support.”

Michelle owns and operates self storage facilities in Missouri

Michelle- US & Canada Partner

Missouri native and self storage owner, Michelle Otto, was disappointed by the low level of service and the high price tag on the management software she had been using so she set out to find a better product and that led her to 6Storage. Michelle consulted the team on understanding and catering to the North American market, and now as the North American Partner, will be leading the charge to bring the US and Canada storage software solutions with an elevated approach to customer service.

Mastan, recognized as one among the top 50 tech leaders, InterCon Global

Over the years we’ve added several verticals like storage websites and the 6Reckoner 3D storage calculator to give users a one-stop shop solution for all their online storage management needs. Then in 2018, we searched for an affordable gate access system for one of our own 70-unit facilities.

Frustrated and confused with the price and legacy of integration of available systems, we developed 6Security as our own gate access solution which allows global storage owners to secure their facility without relying on the support of an onboard computer.

We are always looking for new ways to solve more storage industry challenges.

Let 6Storage join you on your storage journey. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can run your business with ease.

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