6Storage is Now Offering Tenant Protection Plans

That’s right – you can now help your tenants protect their belongings with 6Storage’s Tenant Protection Plans! If their belongings are worth storing, they are worth protecting, and we are thrilled to offer this service to the amazing self storage owners and operators who use 6Storage’s software.

6Storage Tenant Protection fully integrates with your 6Storage Management Software and automatically adds tenant protection plans to your tenants’ invoices each month. These plans cover fires, windstorms, theft, and damage from rodents and insects. With three protection plans available, your tenants can select a plan that is best for them for just pennies per day.

Not only will 6Storage’s Tenant Protection Plans benefit your tenants – they’ll help you out too! Selling these plans will increase your bottom line, and you’ll earn a minimum of $5 per unit per month when your tenants sign up. You could cover the monthly costs of your 6Storage software by simply offering this service to your tenants.

Other benefits of 6Storage Tenant Protection include manager training, an online claims customer portal, tenant peace of mind, and great customer service!

If you want to dive a little deeper into five reasons your tenants need protection plans, read more here.

Contact us to learn how 6Storage software can help you manage EVERY aspect of your self storage business or schedule your live demo today.

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