6Security Cloud-Based Gate Access Control System

Join the era of unmanned, cloud-based remote management! 6Security is designed to overcome the limits of traditional access control systems - with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standards.

6Security Cloud-Based Gate Access Control System

6Security Software Features

Access and configure your self storage facility’s access control remotely from any computer in the world with 6Security’s secure web-based application.

Why 6Security

6Security is an encrypted, cloud-based system that overcomes the limits of traditional gate access control systems. Our suite of innovative products ushers the self-storage industry into an era of unmanned, cloud-based remote management.

6Security is the new standard for the savvy self storage facility operator that seeks an expertly-designed system to grow with their business.

Lights Turn On When A Tenant Arrives
Lights Stay On While Facility is Occupied
Integrates with Wireless Flood Sensors
Integrates with Wireless & Wired Door Sensors

6Security Facility Automation Features

Make 6Security perfectly fit your self storage facility’s operational needs and run your business remotely with ease. 6Security automation features are the key to unmanned management.

Integrates with Temperature Sensors Control Temperature Remotely
Integrates with Smoke Detectors
Integrates with Panic Buttons
Output for Alarm and Gateway to Security Company

Step Up Your Self Storage Facility Management

Reach out to 6Storage to learn more about 6Security, our innovative gate access system.

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