Our software and its features were developed for both manned and unmanned facility management, just like a number of our competitors. The difference with 6Storage is that we care. We’re independently owned and operated by a storage facility owner of 16+ years, we value customer service, and we’re committed to providing an affordable, user-friendly product to self storage owners and operators just like us.

Not to mention, we also DON’T do the following:
  • Sell your data.
  • Increase your rates multiple times per year.
  • Lock you into long-term contracts.
  • Force you to use one payment processor, gate access system, or tenant insurance company.

Our team will ask you to fill out a quick checklist that helps us understand your business better- the units you offer, their prices, your specials/discounts, taxations, current tenant details, their balances & credits, and more. Within 5 days we’ll have your account set up and we’ll reach out to you to schedule your one-on-one training session to help get you up and running as quick as possible.

Yes! We can create you a branded website, developed for the self storage industry, where your tenants can rent units via the online rental platform and make payments or update information via the tenant portal. You’ll work with one of our website developers to make the website your own.

Absolutely! You’ll be able to set up auto recurring payments for any of your tenants with our auto-invoicing feature. Your tenants will receive the invoice to their email/SMS according to your auto-invoicing schedule and their payment will be charged automatically on their due date. Tenants can even set up auto-pay themselves through the tenant portal.

Serving a global clientele, we have a couple different payment processors you can choose from based on the country they service. We are committed to allowing our customers the choice of integrations. Check out our partners page to learn more about payment processors and all our other integration partners.

That’s one of the sole purposes of the cloud-based solution we offer. You’ll be able to manage your business on the go and run the facility unmanned by pairing the software with one or more of our partner integrations. One of our clients manages a truck storage yard from 800 miles away!

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