Truck Storage Meets Technology (and it works 100 %)

Susan runs 2 businesses and lives in Arizona. Yet she’s capable of managing Truck Storage Yard in California (which is 800 miles from her home). How does she do it? She realized the need for automation and has perfected the automatic rental process, using 6Storage. Truck Storage Yard offers parking spaces for Commercial Vehicles, Truck & Trailer, Container, Heavy Equipment and/or Fleets.

24/7 Rental Spaces

Gate Integration and Invoice Reminders

Complete Auto Rental Process

Truck Storage Yard is the perfect example of unmanned storage solution: PTI Gates integration for gate access control and 6Storage for overall storage operation. Additionally, “6Storage has taken Truck Storage Yard to a level that interests investors in the truck storage industry,” says Susan.

Susan, what are your thoughts on Truck Storage Yard

Well.., it started with the shortage of commercial vehicle parking in California. Spontaneously, I purchased a plot and set up the facility! I realized that automatic process will help me manage the facility effectively and also interest investors. At the same time, I found 6Storage and it seemed relevant to what I wanted.

The Need To Automate

At the beginning, we’d set up a manual process involving on-site property supervisors to smooth out the operations and find solutions for unforeseen situations.

A year later..

We switched to 6Storage and realized move-in process literally takes a few minutes. We trained our tenants to use their mobile devices to rent units.

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