“Is this going to work?”, Eric All the concerns over self storage software solved

Eric had a few concerns over using online facility management solutions. He started with a demo.. few weeks in.. and now he’s been using 6Storage for 18 months and shares his experience for all.

24/7 Multichannel support

Auto payment & invoicing

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The challenges faced

Eric is one of those self storage owners that hate irregular tenant payments. He wanted a solution
1) to handle payments without his constant effort, and
2) for tenants to have a one-on-one personal contact either by phone or in person to rent a self storage unit. The plan seemed simple on thoughts – research for 6 months and find out how other big storage businesses manage rentals and lease for multiple facility locations. Eric found out the existing trend on online solutions to manage facility operations. Hence Eric researched on self storage software vendors based on his budget and finally chose 6Storage. But, Eric worried, saying, I have concerns over the feasibility of my plans. “Is this going to work?” “How will tenants pay?” “Will they figure out how to use our website? And what if “they don’t pay?”

Since 6Storage implementation

All of my concerns faded away once I started using 6Storage and got familiar with it. Now 6Storage helps me save a lot of my save and effort spent on facility operations and I like that the software is in “constant contact” with my tenants.
The valuable benefits of 6Storage are: automation solutions and saving time. The automatic payment & invoicing is exactly what I was looking for. The 6Storage team built a website for me – a means for new tenants to find our storage website online & rent units. This makes the whole self storage renting process easier.
There are minor software issues which needs improvement, and I hope that the new software version will fix it.
The adapting phase of 6Storage had a few rough edges, but the 6Storage support team was thoroughly helpful in making this a wonderful experience for us. Whenever I wanted help I would reach support on live chat and immediately get answers. Also, I can phone them anytime of the day and the support team is the greatest help for us.

Eric’s long term goals

We recently opened our second facility building in spring and we are taking rentals via 6Storage tenant portal.

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