Illustration of Rainboots and an Umbrella
How to Protect Your Storage Facility Against Storms

Storms are one of the most damaging acts of nature. Alongside floods and earthquakes, they can cause massive damage in a matter of minutes. Some of them even caused deaths, with the deadliest one being the Great Galveston Hurricane in 1900. So, with all this in mind, how can you best protect your storage facility...

Woman Holding Boxes Eco-Friendly Packing Supplies
Eco-Friendly Packing Supplies For Self Storage Retail Centers

Environmentally-friendly packing supplies are a necessity on the shelves of self storage facility retail centers. Going green is more than a trend; it’s an expanding market as consumers become more eco-conscious. Give your customers what they want, with this comprehensive list of eco-friendly packing supplies.    Your tenants will most likely be looking for eco-friendly options...

Lease Agreement on a Tablet
How to Create a Lease Agreement for Your Self Storage Business

Having the right contracts is an important part of your business! If you’re just starting out in your self storage business you might be unsure about what kind of contracts you need. One of the most used contracts in self storage is the Lease Agreement. Lease agreements are a common feature in today’s marketplace. You’ve...

Boxes Stacked Up in Storage Facility Auction
Everything You Need to Know About Auctioning Abandoned Self Storage Units

Common Questions About the Self Storage Auction Process Storage unit auctions have become popular bidding sites for people looking for treasure, but what goes into auctioning off an abandoned storage unit?  Self storage facility operators don’t get into the business to sell their tenants’ belongings in storage unit auctions. You want to help your tenants...

Illustration of CRM
How CRM Benefits Your Self Storage Facility

  Customer Relationship Management software is used in almost all industries today. It is incredibly versatile and helpful when it comes to customer data research. The storage industry saw an increase in the use of storage units over the past year, and it is crucial to look at ways to improve the overall service and...

Spring Cleaning Your Self Storage Facility

Self Storage Facility Maintenance in 7 Steps If you need help navigating storage facility maintenance, our industry experts are here to polish your spring cleaning routine. The best way to attract customers to your self storage business is to have a sparkling clean storage facility in excellent condition. It might be cold, but spring, and...

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